Create issues from issue set

by entering the due date of the requirement definition, the due date of the subsequent ticket will be changed.

# Tracker Subject Status Priority Description Category Estimated time Assignee Parent task Start Date Due date % Done Actual Start Date Actual Due Date
10 Feature %s requirement definition New Hours
11 Feature %s investigate customer requirements New Hours
12 Feature %s create requirement definition document New Hours
13 Feature %s basic design New Hours
14 Feature %s screen design document New Hours
15 Feature %s technical survey and verification New Hours
16 Feature %s detailed design New Hours
17 Feature %s database design New Hours
18 Feature %s detailed design document New Hours
19 Feature %s implementation New Hours
20 Feature %s function 1 New Hours
21 Feature %s function 1 unit test New Hours
22 Feature %s function 2 New Hours
23 Feature %s function 2 unit test New Hours
24 Feature %s function 3 New Hours
25 Feature %s function 3 unit test New Hours
26 Feature %s join test New Hours
27 Feature %s bug fix New Hours
28 Feature %s scenario test New Hours
29 Feature %s release New Hours

Issue subject will be replaced with this input string.